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We are leading online wine merchants supplying a range of quality British fruit and country wine across the UK.

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Fruit wine is a sweet and rich wine with intense fruit flavours. We have a range of wines from some of the leading UK suppliers including Cairn O'Mohr, Broadlands, Carr Taylor, and Celteg.

As you know, we source, taste and review wines from some extraordinary boutique producers across the UK. We are head over heels in love with British fruit wine and are making it our mission to introduce the wider population to this home grown wonder.  

We have some of the very best fruit wines for you to buy online. Whether you want something pleasant and dry, such as elderflower or if you want something a little bit sweeter, such as apricot or cherry, you can be sure we have it. As leading wine merchants, we have a range of quality fruit wines to suit everyone’s taste.

Some other exciting wines on the site at the moment are:

  • A few warming mulled wines using traditional combinations of spices and fruits
  • Meads seeing a popularity uplift not seen since the Vikings (thanks to Harry Potter and the denizens of 'The Leaky Cauldron' and 'The Three Broomsticks')
  •  A wide range of party-defining dessert wines

PLEASE NOTE: Price per bottle reduces the more bottles you buy. When navigating to a particular wine the price will automatically be at the higher '3-bottle' price and then drop when you select more wines.

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