Autumn tasters

Autumn tasters...

Posted by Poppy Maderson on January 14, 2015 (0 Comments)

As summer gives way to autumn, the season of mellow fruitfulness, here at the Fruit Wine Shop we celebrate the flavours of the season. Trees are loaded with figs and plums, the elder trees are drooping with berries and the hedgerows are filled with bramble bushes ripe with blackberries. This is eagerly made use of by British Fruit Wine producers, and some of our favourite fruit wines are produced at this time of year.

Why not try Bramble Wine, from Cairn O'Mohr. This flavoursome, rich fruity wine is reminiscent of a young port, perfect with game. Surprisingly smooth. We have also used it to make a delicious sauce to accompany duck or venison (see our blog for details of this!)

Our friends at Cairn O'Mohr also make a sublime Elderberry wine that is not to be missed. A great match with any red meat we found similarities with a dry port or shiraz. Rich liquorice and tobacco flavours a make for a truly intriguing wine.

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