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Posted by Poppy Maderson on December 10, 2013 (0 Comments)

... to try something different! Why not give some of our sumptuous fruit wines a try this Christmas. We have done some arduous hard work and research, testing and tasting delicious seasonal food and fruit wine matches. Why not try them out on friends and family this year? Will they be able to tell what is special about the mulled wine you serve them, who might be able to work out it is actually mulled Elderberry they are supping?


Here are some matches we thought worked perfectly with the seasonal menu.

Canapes - We couldn't decide between Sparkling Strawberry Wine or Sparkling Elderflower wine (both Cairn O'Mohr). The sparkling strawberry will always be a favourite of ours, the fresh floral yet robust flavours will leave your guests asking for more - serve with creamier or cheese canapes. A more subtle choice would be the sparkling Elderflower, serve with fish or meat canapés, the citrusy yet floral flavours will complement perfectly.


Seafood platter - match with Spring Oak Leaf Wine (Cairn O'Mohr). Typically seafood platter may be matched with sauvignon blanc or Chablis, why not go for the slightly more refrained Spring Oak Leaf wine. Bursting with pineapple, tangy and dry, it is a perfect partner with a seafood platter.


Turkey - match with Gooseberry Wine (Cairn O'Mohr). The crisp dryness of gooseberry seems made to match with roast turkey. there is a steely edge that is delightful with the savoury turkey.


Christmas Pudding - match with Prune Dessert Wine (Carr Taylor). This rich, smooth, almost creamy dessert wine is absolutely delicious with Christmas Pudding. The finish is mellow spice mixed with subtle stone fruit.... sumptuous.


Cheese Board - match with Damson Port Wine (Callow Hill) - Subtle gentle black fruits, yet almost spicy, some caramel notes, this was a beautiful match with the more savoury cheeses such as a slice of stilton.

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