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Posted by Michael Cooch on March 21, 2011 (0 Comments)

Just had one of those teary-eyed moments...a chap by the name of Bill Gray purchased some 6 bottles of Mead Wine (and a 3-bottle sampler pack) from us. Attached, read his mail to us:


" isn't helping that I'm having trouble with my computer and at age 80 my patience is getting low. Firstly thanks for your e-mail and the great news is that I received the wines a few minutes ago. I was just setting up the computer upstairs when I saw the van outside. I opened the case and I had to admit I opened one bottle and had a quick swig. Only a small amount as I have to go to my surgery this afternoon regarding healthy heart, and I can not have a slurged voice. First impression is very good.

My original interest in this type of wine was brought to life when I saw, on T.V, a man take a bottle of Mead on a first date. My wife and I, in those far off days, were members of a wine club... she really was the driving force, although it was a team effort. Whatever we grew we used... nettle, tea, rhubarb, elderflower and elderberry. The airing cuboard was always ful of gurgling noises as the ingredients fermented. An annual cup at the local event was quite common. I remember the presentation had to be spot on, using the best shapped cork and container. For the life of me I can not remember how we did the mead. I can remember how it started, whilst on a holiday in our touring caravan, we met a couple from Norfolk who had a village post office. Whilst on the subject of mead he said he had a quantity of honey which had gone solid and that was the honey used for our first attempt. I am sure it was a success, although I guess I would drink anything. Waste not want not. At that time in our lives we had lots of friends, our wine always made them very welcome.

Thanks  Yours Bill Gray


Thanks Bill. We're proud to have you as a customer.


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