Italian food and fruit wine matches...

Posted by Michael Cooch on June 10, 2011 (0 Comments)

Here are some recent recommendations from one of our Italian fans who is also a well known restauranter:

  • Elderflower wine with swordfish carpaccio, octopus potato and celery salad or for a vegetarian option, artichoke,parsley and potato "timballo"
  • Ginger wine with tacchino al melograno (turkey breast fillets in pomegranate sauce)
  • Spring oakleaf wine with fegato alla veneziana (calf liver and caramelised onion)
  • Silverbirch wine with Salmon carpaccio with rocket
  • Gooseberry wine with polenta pasticciata al taleggio (oven backed with milk and nutmeg)
  • Blackberry wine with smoked duck carpaccio on truffle oil potato
  • Damson wine with Venison salmi on grilled polenta
  • Elderberry wine with bresaola and speck
  • Plum wine with gorgonzola crostini

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