How do the bubbles get into my sparkling wine?

Posted by Poppy Maderson on June 18, 2011 (0 Comments)
In modern times most sparkling wine is made using the 'Charmat Method', which is different from the classic one (as used in Champagne) as the fermentation takes place in autoclave (large pressured container).

The result of using the Charmat Method is a wine with a perlage from an endogenous fermentation. Thanks to the decomposition of the sugars by the yeasts the carbonation occurs biologically and the fragrance of the fruits are better preserved.

This Method is also called 'Italian Method' as it's the one used with the famous Prosecco. This method forces the second fermentation to happen in a large stainless steel tank prior to bottling, rather than in the bottle like the traditional méthode champenoise. The Charmat method is a cheaper means for pushing a wine through second fermentation and is best used on sparkling wines that are meant to be consumed young and relatively fresh.

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