Fruit Wine Seasonal Sensations!

Posted by Poppy Maderson on December 02, 2016 (0 Comments)

Party season is upon us, and it's time to think about getting organised with wine. Why not try a twist on the traditional grape variety; surprise and impress your guests with some crowd pleasing, award winning British fruit wines.

We have much to offer as you will see if you browse our product range, but if you would like inspiration, we would be pleased to oblige!

Aperitif: Elderflower Sparkling Wine, Celteg.

This fresh, classic dry sparkling elderflower wine is delicious served cold, an interesting swap for traditional prosecco. Perfect as a party starter.

White wine: Autumn Oak Leaf Wine, Cairn O'Mohr.

This full bodied beauty is a great food pairing wine. Would match perfectly with a Christmas turkey or chicken.

Red wine: Elderberry Wine, Celteg.

Elegant, bursting with succulent red berry fruit flavours, would give spicy encouragement to beef or lamb at the dinner table on a cold winter night.

Dessert wine: Apricot wine, Celteg

Sweet, laid back butterscotch undertones that would match beautifully with a strong blue cheese, or mature cheddar.


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