Find that perfect match...

Anyone who has visited historical wine regions in Europe will see how important the matching of food and wine is with regards to menu structuring. This tradition has now found its way into the mainstream.

Fruit wine, like its grape counterpart, can be beautifully matched with a variety of dishes and this page should help provide a few rules of thumb…however like any adventure, when attempting something new, apply flexibility to these rules and don't be afraid to break the mould! I have also included a few grape matches as well so you can draw parallels.

Rule 1: be adventurous but learn what you like e.g. trying one strawberry wine doesn’t mean you’ve tasted them all. There is a huge variability in the quality of fruit wines’. We have reviewed wines on this site that we like (and rate highly). We hope you will also find them appealing.

Rule 2: try to match the density and intensity of the food flavours with the fruit wine. For example, a light elderflower wine will make a much better partner for steamed white fish rather than a dense apricot wine which would overpower the delicate flavours of the food. However, the same rich, apricot wine would be a great match for a spicy dish or a BBQ’d game bird.

Rule 3: look at what fruit and vegetables are conventionally matched with the dish (in terms of sauces, complements etc). Fruits and vegetables are obviously used extensively in cooking and often using these as guides can be successful. A good example is apple sauce with Pork, a good apple wine or cider is a great match for that dish.

Rule 4: think about the characteristics of the food to which you are matching e.g. a mild curry will overpower most wines but if you serve it with a robust, sweeter wine, such as a cranberry wine you will find it a delightful complement or alternatively a heavier berry wine, such as bramble wine with its natural port density, would be a great combo.

Here are a few fruit wine and food combinations that should provide a good foundation for you to start exploring matches of your own:

> Ripe Brie / Camembert and strawberry wine
> Antipasto / Cold Starter / Salad and raspberry wine
> Smoked salmon and elderflower sparkling wine
> Charcuterie/smoked meats and bramble wine

> Plain white fish and gooseberry wine, elderflower wine or nettle wine
> Salmon (or richer fish dishes) and oak leaf wine
> Roast chicken and red currant wine or raspberry wine
> Barbecued meat and a big bramble wine
> Roast beef and sloe wine
> Steak and damson wine or elderberry wine
> Roast lamb and blackberry wine
> Red Meats and elderberry wine or bramble wine
> Pork and apple wine
> Duck / Rabbit / Pheasant (or other game) and bramble win

> Ice cream and cherry wine
> Apple pie and apricot wine
> Nuts or hard cheese and blackberry wine or sloe wine
> Strawberries and strawberry sparkling wine or elderflower sparkling wine
> Dessert / Tarts / Soft cheeses and strawberry wine
> Rich Chocolate Mousse and strawberry or apricot wine