Keep an open mind...

If we use the word ‘wine’ we usually mean a drink which was made from a variety of grapes. But if we are talking about ‘fruit wine’, ‘country wine’ or ‘hedgerow wine’ we are referencing fermented beverages that are specifically not made from grapes.

Whilst grapes have a naturally good balance of yeast, sugar and acid to make a fermented beverage (of about 9% abv), fruit wine, or country wine, often needs a small helping hand to bring these levels into equilibrium. This may include an additional dosage of natural sugar or honey or a natural yeast additive to help get the right alcohol content. Interestingly in modern times almost all grape wine producers add yeast or sugar to their wines to create a more consistent character and reach the higher abv % we're more used to in modern wines.

Here at the Fruit Wine Shop we take our enjoyment of wines seriously! ...but we don’t limit ourselves to the grape as the only source of truly great wines. Imagine the world of wine out there from every other fruit / plant / vegetable source apart from grapes! We have pulled together some of the very best for you to taste here. Perhaps you want a pleasant dry white drinking wine (elderflower wine is a good bet) or something a little sweeter to match with a dessert (apricot, cherry…the list goes on!). One thing is certainly true, fruit wine producers have matured in more recent times and we believe some of these fruit wines are on a quality and taste level with their grape counterparts (and in many instances, in our opinion, better).

In Great Britain the official synonym to fruit wine is ‘country wine’. But the reality is that practically every country has its own fruit wine traditions and fruit wine recipes. A traditional example of fruit wine in Japan and Korea is a drink that is made from Hawaii fruit wine is associated with Finland it's the Phillipines it is Mango. The main country wine themes are:

- Berry Fruit Wines (e.g. strawberry wine, raspberry wine, red currant wine, gooseberry wine, blackberry wine, cranberry wine, elderberry wine, bramble wine etc);
- Stone Fruit Wines (e.g. apricot wine, cherry wine, damson wine, plum wine, sloe wine)
- Flower-based Wines (e.g. elderflower wine, dandelion wine)
- Vegetable-based Wines (e.g. parsnip wine, carrot wine)
- Plant or Tree-based Wines (e.g.nettle wine, oak leaf wine, rosehip wine, birch wine)
- Honey-based Wines (better known as mead)
- Blended Wines (e.g. mulled wine, fruit blend wines)

So keep an open mind and try one of our hand-picked selections. Enjoy.