Raspberry Wine - Cairn O'Mohr

£19.92 (£6.52 per bottle)

This award winning raspberry fruit wine by Cairn O'Mohr is an adventure for those not used to traditional fruit wines. It is unashamedly fruity and doesn't hide its raspberry credentials under a bushel. Powerful fruity nose and the nice, natural, acids of the raspberry balance the hints of sweetness. At 13.5% abv you need to watch out that it doesn't trick you into drinking a whole bottle when you think you're merely consuming a light raspberry drink! The taste is surprisingly complex with the raspberry coming through strongly early on, both tart and sweet, with the initially subtle clove spice and, very light, black pepper undertone progressively more dominant over the length. A good summer rose fruit wine which is easy to drink on its own (or as a spritzer for those less adventurous) or would match well with antipasto or a cold starter.
Raspberry Wine  - Cairn O'Mohr
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  • Raspberry Wine  - Cairn O'Mohr